Being able to effortlessly manage your domains is quite essential and can boost your user experience as a web hosting customer. The solutions that lots of hosting companies use are not that intuitive, so you can often find yourself in a scenario where you need to sign in and out of separate admin interfaces to do a specific task, even if you’ve got one single domain name. Not only is this awkward, but it also takes more time and effort compared to having one unified Control Panel where you can access everything you require without logging in and out all the time. For example, registering a brand new domain name, hosting it and uploading the website files for it involves the use of at least two separate interfaces, all the more so in case you’re using the most famous hosting platforms on the market.

Feature-rich Domain Manager in Cloud Website Hosting

Managing your domains and everything related to them will be unbelievably easy if you get a cloud website hosting plan through us. The account itself will be administered through the cutting-edge Hepsia hosting Control Panel, an indivisible part of which is our feature-rich Domain Manager tool. The latter will allow you to manage all your domains easily – you will be able to register and to renew domain names in bulk, to activate Whois Privacy Protection for any of them or to edit their DNS records, to park and to redirect them with only several clicks. The tool also has fast-access buttons and by clicking on any of your domain names, you’ll be able to do lots of things – to monitor traffic statistics, to set up email accounts or databases, to access the website files for the given domain and so on. The advantage of our Domain Manager is that all these features are accessible in one place, so you will not have to log in and out of multiple interfaces, which will save you lots of time.

Feature-rich Domain Manager in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Hepsia Control Panel, which is included with every semi-dedicated server package that we offer, is an all-in-one tool, which will grant you full command over your semi-dedicated account and which features our feature-laden Domain Manager. It enables you to manage everything associated with the domains in the account – both the registered and the hosted ones. The most essential functions are all here – you can register or renew a domain name, enable Whois Privacy Protection for it, park and redirect it or update its WHOIS information. The Domain Manager, however, is much more than simply a list of your domain names and several basic functions. It is an advanced tool, inside which you will find quick-access buttons, using which you can effortlessly create a database or a mailbox, access the web files for a particular domain name or monitor comprehensive web traffic statistics and access logs. The Domain Manager is intuitive (albeit powerful), so it can be used by persons with little-to-no experience.